Welcome To My Website

Planet earth is a wondrous place. And we humans have been given a rich brain which we may use to create. The form of that creation is open to us to explore. We may explore in our relationships, our chosen occupation or simply within our own minds.

As a clinical psychologist I have made a series of choices. The most important to me is found in marriage and family. Here on this blog I will display some of my other choices. Where our choices will lead us is up to us.

As a psychologist I was pleased to explore the human mind. We are not confined by our physical location and can forage using our intelligence and imagination. Initially I thought I would explore the subatomic world of particle physics, but in the end chose the adventure of psychology.

Through it all I came to see that reality is ephemeral. There are many places we live in physical space and in our minds. I chose the name cuspofreality.com for my blog and explore many facets of our lives in my posts.

Another part of my life is found in my books. There are nonfiction books which can be found in the menu under My Books. More recently I’ve turned to writing speculative fiction. As a psychologist I was entranced by the depth of mythology and now have chosen to blend it with the empowerment of women. This latter blend is found both in the Gaia’s Majesty Trilogy and also in my comments in the blog. I believe the empowerment of women may be crucial for our future.

Please join me in this exploration of the richness of our lives and I will be pleased to have your comments. And one way you can join in is to go to my blog cuspofreality.com and become a follower. I think you’ll find the various themes related to such things as the empowerment of women, warrior women in history, the import of mythology and other elements of the blog. Welcome.