Welcome To My Website

Wondrous Exploration

We live on a wondrous planet. And there are many ways we can explore it and our life on it. What we explore and how we explore is up to us. As a child we are taught that we must attend to rules and reality. 

Variable Reality

Over time we may learn that reality is a relative concept. In my life exploration I have come to believe that what we call reality has utility but so too does imagination. Certainly as a psychologist I’ve come to see that differing approaches enhance our lives. And that means accepting that reality is not fixed. For that reason I called this blog Cusp of Reality. That is where we live and when we move from the cusp our world is enhanced and enriched.

Magical Realism

In recent years I began to write what I call Magical Realism fiction. Those of us who write fiction often don’t know why we start writing nor do we know where it will lead us. I’ve written on topics which were well defined. But now I’m reaching out into an undefined space.

I call what I write magical realism because it has a strong reality based element but over time it becomes more magical as possibilities open. I decided against calling it fantasy because fantasy often goes far afield and I wanted to be in the here and now. Why here and now? Because I think our life on earth is increasing its pace of development and we may be racing toward transformation.

What Might Be

I am what is called an intuitive personality type. That means I focus on the what if and what might be. I want novelty and exploration. But in order to do that productively we must keep some order in our lives and focus our exploration.

In recent years two things have caught my attention. Over my life span I’ve seen that myth is not fantasy as much as it conveys its own creative reality. And now comes the empowerment of women which is proving to be stunning in the potential it brings. How could I not meld myth (mermaids) with transformative reality (empowerment of women).

On this blog I’ll be sharing concepts, writing issues, observations and dreams. I hope you will share with me so we can all explore together. Let me hear from you.