A Goodreads Giveaway For You

A Goodreads Giveaway

Challenge: The Chosen Rise (Gaia’s Majesty, #2) 

by Roger B. Burt

The current growing movement to empower women, along with the joyous mystery of mythology, were the inspirations for the Gaia’s Majesty series. In this book, our heroine, Chantia, is under the protection of the Tethyan women and under the care of the Andromeda warrior women specifically. She and the man who is the love of her life work to serve the mission of these people on land and deep in the sea in one of the cities called Tethys. The world is descending into devastating crises. Our Earth Mother Gaia guides them in their work and discoveries serving to preserve our future. At the end of this book Chantia births a daughter who is portentous and of extraordinary power.

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