Wait! Its Not All Politics


A Challenging Time – Again

Without question this is a challenging time and the outcome is not at all clear regardless of our hopes. And we now live in an age where the media is always before us and discussions are ongoing. But what is the focus?

Achieving a Focus

Too often I hear a discussion begin but it seems caught in a tailspin when it is focused as if it is all about politics. Each side proclaims that they have the true way and then drag it in to the next election and their import. 

Unfortunately that approach, of which both side are guilty, is not productive. It is essential for us to move away from that reductio ad absurdum. Such a move is typically self serving in a demanding world requiring focus and study.

Not a Simple World

Wishing to achieve a comprehensive view of many issues is nothing other than entering a field of dreams. It takes time to separate out issues and focus them. Many issues must be decided in isolation with acceptance of exceptions.

As best we can we need to clarify what we are seeking to solve or develop. And that means we have to move the ideology out of the way. Here again is where the negotiations of the conservative and the progressive are essential. Few decisions come with a giant leap forward. Conservative attention to traditions and values are useful as well as the progressive attention to a developing need in a rapidly changing world.

Mutual Respect

Too often we find ourselves on the field of ideological conflict when we must face off with mutual respect. Each side must surely yield something but an essential core usually is that new problems have arisen before us and we may well have to seek new types of solutions.

An Example

Here is one of my favorite examples. In this age of empowerment of women we need to examine ourselves. I won’t go into the full complexity here but it is a new age. Traditional values may stress such things as “a woman’s place is in the home”. Well, kind of. Women do birth our children and that isn’t going to change. But we are building alternatives and are finding immense rewards as we work to bring the other half of the world into full completion with us.

I’ll leave it at that, but the point is that change comes and we have to blend viewpoints and seek solutions which reward our traditions, reality and new realities. It’s that simple and complex all at the same time.

The Essential Point

In the world as it is, the challenges before us are surely most often not about politics. It may play a role but the challenges are discrete and stunningly diverse and are sources of wonder–if we choose

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