Are We Kidding Ourselves – Pt. 4

The Cusp of Reality

The Arena of Truth

The world is considerably less stable than we generally wish it to be. Yet, it usually offers us a definition we grasp. In it we find a place of safety. I’ll call that place the arena of truth. What an odd thing to call it. The word arena brings up an image of conflict. Well, the fact is that we live in conflict. Its just that we often know how to dismiss it and confine it. And when we define truth we feel we have found safety.

Conventional Reality

Another term for this place is conventional reality. Others help reinforce its guidelines and we come to believe in its truth. If we are fortunate we find peace and tranquility although our inner self (with its own definition) may remain insistent. That is where we live if our society is stable.

The tranquil place helps us to manage problems and support tranquility. If we are truly fortunate there is equality among us. At the edges conflict always seems to be searching for an opening. From time to time there is instability but if the foundations are sound, it is brought under control.

Deluding Ourselves with the Help of Others

Around us are a system of beliefs and others beckon us to join them in a common celebration of them. The alternatives are not pretty. To be utterly alone is not what we seek. We generally seek and find comfort. But what we see over and over is how tenuous our circumstances may be. There are times when we see the process broken as when war comes to rage.

The Call to Change

Always in us there are two voices. One voice calls on us to maintain calm and stability while the other calls to seek change. The latter voice is more common in the young and fades with the decades unless there is something that remains unresolved. We all see people in later years who break free from how their life has been. Often the consequences are dire.

But, if we can manage it, the other call is one beckoning with a new dawn. Some people are able to master this call leading to a fruitful life in which peril is contained. What we do not wish to seek is to find a place of darkness over and over.

The Call to Writing Fiction and Reading Literature

Writing offers many of us a safe opportunity. A story and characters are created. Because of the devotion to the activity the author can enjoy life with the characters and if they prove troublesome dismiss them with the “stroke of a pen”. The same goes for the path of the story.

We can create a world which is safe as our characters frolic or solve their challenge with us safely along for the ride. Naturally the same thing goes for the reader of fiction. They can seize a story or end it with a hand movement. How glorious to have these opportunities.

The wonderful thing is that with proper management we often can construct a pleasing world and that form of kidding ourselves is productive and fulfilling.

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Securing Wonder and Our Future


Not To Be Ignored

The whole concept of transformation is something I find utterly intriguing. There are those who think it is a daydream and not worth considering but, for me, it poses not just a major change but an opportunity in which we can engage ourselves.

Perhaps we might dismiss transformation as something which is utterly beyond our control. Such a dismissal is to overlook a fundamental process and that we are involved and can shape no matter where it occurs or the outcome.

Very Personal

We cannot escape transformation. Do you remember your childhood? There was an awakening at several levels and we cannot possibly dismiss the meaning and substance of our sexual maturity. When we scan our lives we see personal waves and development. Some of us miss the opportunities and permit ourselves to become mired in the past.

Looking at ourselves is one place to begin and from there we can see the wonder and opportunity which may be before us and can be seized. The opportunities are all around us.

To a Larger Focus

While there are monumental possibilities in front of us we may fail ourselves and our others. At present in the United States we seem mired in political wrangling and the thing which makes me most concerned is that what is troubling in many ways has little to do with politics. Or at least politics are only a fragment which is distracting us.

The larger view should make us step aside from politics and search for other forces. Without a doubt we can see devastating corruption crippling our institutions and inhibiting our future. When we reduce it to politics we miss the point of the outrages which have crept in then exploded in our lives. Confrontation of this process should be a common goal. We should be aghast that corruption may be the ruling force in our lives.

And Then There Is Pathology

At the head of our ruling elite is a narcissistic sociopath who is markedly unstable. The behavior suggests someone who at root views himself as trash and he contends daily with the need to pretend otherwise. And it seems that we are posing partisan politics as the issue and rally around our supposedly partisan groups. There are many other forces and without perspective we miss the opportunity for an uprising in behalf of our future.

Leaving It There

There is a lot more to be said but the focus should remain on the glorious transformation which may emerge from the present crisis if we will gather and look toward how we might make a much more glorious future direct our lives. One of the things which may help guide us is the emergence of the power of women. I view it with awe and hope.

Gaia’s Majesty-Mission Called: Women in Power by Roger B. Burt

Roger B. Burt’s Amazon home page

Creating Characters and Plots by Roger B. Burt

Stepfamilies: Professionals and Stepcouples in Partnership

Whatever Happened to Community Mental Health by Roger B. Burt

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Roger B Burt: Author of Gaia’s Majesty-Mission Called: Women in Power


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Transformation Seems on the Horizon -Like It Or Not!

What might transformation bring us?  Have you asked your soothsayer lately?

Waves of Change

I’m going out on a limb and saying I expect increasing waves of change. It may mean disaster but I love possibilities and see good ones on the horizon. They help guide my fiction writing. What do you see in the future?

I’m constantly captured by a view of waves in human history. They may be multiple and overlapping but we can see them and currently they seem to be coming more rapidly. In the ancient world the waves were long term but now they seem to be accelerating. They offer the fiction writer a lot of interesting material.

From Dark Ages to Hope

Some times we look at the ancient world and see wonder, but it could be a cruel place. After the Dark Ages came the Renaissance. Certainly many evils remained but there was marked change as reason and a turn to individualism triumphed. More recently we have seen things like the consolidation of countries in Europe and marvelous increases in research and technology.

Social and Political 

During the time of the World Wars there was massive conflict but there were also social and political creations. Even with our current conflicts we can see distinct possibilities. If we sit back and focus, it is often surprising what we see may be possible shortly.

What’s the Point?

Recent events suggest we may be entering a dark and foreboding era but there may be welcome surprises. Certainly there are those who are focused only on their own benefit. But we still have options for lovely and fulfilling transformations. There may be benefits that can be truly substantial. Future possible transformations inspired me to write the Gaia’s Majesty Trilogy.

What kind of transformation do you think may lie just ahead?

Let me invite you to also join me at my blog In my posts I’m sharing my thoughts about our world as it is and how it may be. We may stand on the cusp of reality and when we step off we can only dream of what we may find. 

Available Now: Gaia’s Majesty-Mission Called: Women in Power by Roger B. Burt 

(Book 1 of the Gaia’s Majesty Trilogy)

Hey Author! Do You Think You’re in Charge?


The Same Question To You

We all like to think we are in charge of our lives and, at least to some degree we are. But the author of fiction has an essential problem because he or she is creating something. The process can be surprising.

I’ve come to believe that we live in an emerging universe. As our sight has improved we see what a dynamic place the universe it and we may accept its creativity or fear its dynamism. The same alternatives can be seen in our personal world close in. We each have to deal with what we may be in charge of.

Where Does Writing Fiction Lead Us?

For a long time I felt moved to write fiction but the demands of my life always got in the way. There were thing like marriage, children, a job. They demand our time.

When at last I had the luxury of focusing on stories stirring in my head I found I was not alone. Earlier I talked about the evenings in a valley in northern Maryland and the spirits who dwelled there. Well there were other spirits, or characters if you will, who were nearby and I did not suspect them. They became demanding and, in their own way shaped what I wrote.

My Own Expanding Universe

I thought to write one book but swiftly it became a trilogy. And now it seems there may be a fourth book. At the same time I have to silence callings to other elements that keep developing and creating other stories. Having to deal with this insistent gathering was not in my plan.

In some way it is another set of personal waves. I believe in waves in the lives of humanity personally and collectively and that we have our own life but it is part of the lives of the collective. That means we are never entirely in charge.

Focusing the Challenge

Is that bad? In the end it is essential to see it as enriching. How boring otherwise. We might as well be sitting isolated on a desert island. One essential focus is on where we may be going collectively. Of course as a small individual in the larger crowd we must understand that we are not in charge. And, of course, we can ask if humanity as a whole is in charge.

More recently we are finding evidence of the fundamentals of life in asteroids and are assuming they exist on other planets. That means in a broad sense the universe is alive. Of course our religions have always led us to believe in greater beings but too often we turned in and believed it was all about us and our deity. But, what if it is merely a universe of a living form and that we may find our way to a larger and more diverse future than we had ever thought might be possible.

The Creative Universe

As I’ve been writing my Gaia’s Majesty Trilogy I was constantly thrust to the point where it kept expanding into a larger and larger framework which imposed the thought of a living universe calling us. I haven’t created any of that and wonder where I’m being led. Do I think I am in charge? Not really!! 

Gaia’s Majesty-Mission Called: Women in Power by Roger B. Burt

Roger B. Burt’s Amazon home page

Creating Characters and Plots by Roger B. Burt

Stepfamilies: Professionals and Stepcouples in Partnership

Whatever Happened to Community Mental Health by Roger B. Burt

Welcome To My Newsletter

 Welcome To My Newsletter – Myth and Transformation 

Roger B Burt: Author of Gaia’s Majesty-Mission Called: 

Women in Power


At last! Things got hectic toward the end of 2018 and so I moved the opening of the monthly newsletter to now.  Expect to receive it on the second Wednesday of the month.


Isn’t it interesting that the liberation of women is escalating just at the point we are reaching a new period of increasing challenge across Earth? Women are increasingly speaking up, taking their place in Congress and on television and bring us the import of the #Me Too Movement.

We have only begun to comprehend and explore the meaning and resources they will bring. It was a dawning awareness of the rise of crisis and women that led to my creation of the Gaia’s Majesty Trilogy. I felt women had to be central with the theme that they had been in reserve throughout the millennia. Woven in as well was myth which is a powerful conveyance of underlying themes of power and change.

Book 1 of the trilogy sets the scene and now, in book 2, Gaia’s Majesty-Challenge we bring the full force of the conflicts, a world brought to the confrontation of its future and the dawning of what may be developing before us. The second book will be out shortly and I will continue to weave the themes and the adventure into the development in what we call the real world.

Challenge means there are things which demand our attention and commitment. Certainly we are seeing things which we must address. It is not a time to ignore what is forming even if we cannot yet know where we will be led. Adventure is before us in literature but also before our very eyes in the real world. Let’s commit to a grand exploration.


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A Guiding Principle

“It would not be too much to say that myth is the secret opening through which the inexhaustible energies of the cosmos pour into human cultural manifestation.”

Joseph Campbell