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Our Earth Mother Gaia Speaks

“You have forgotten me, the mother of all there is. Endlessly you seek advantage and power in a world you lay waste. Each of your leaders claims to be the one for the true way. You forget the worship of the sanctity of life and the precious world on which you live. Power and greed rule your lives. The truth that a decision is near eludes you.”

Chapter 1  

 Another Glorious World

Turks & Caicos Islands

The sun had not yet risen when Chantia was awakened by a soft summons. Beck was sound asleep and so she rose from the bed and dressed quietly so as not to disturb him. On the terrace her mother, Philippa, and Celeste, the woman who was her guide into the Tethyan world, were waiting.

Both of these women were precious to her. After many years of separation her birth mother had returned to her life. And Celeste was an essential guide to the world she must now accept. She knew they had issued the summons.

Celeste turned, walked over and took Chantia’s hand. “This is the morning chosen for you to be inducted into the world of the Tethyans. Please come with me to the beach.”

Chantia had understood this day would come and greeted the news with both anticipation and apprehension. She nodded, hugged Philippa, then turned back to Celeste forcing a smile.

ShortlyChantia and Celeste stood on the cove’s beach facing a radiant horizon promising a rising sun.

Celeste leaned in close to Chantia and spoke in soft tones cloaked in anticipation. “Now we make our final preparation. Close your eyes and breath deeply. Before dawn is the time of day when the energy of the body cleanses the lungs.” 

Chantia turned and became deeply engaged by Celeste’s bright turquoise eyes then closed her own eyes and sank back into a receptive contemplation.

Celeste continued. “This is the hour when we take in new energy. Place your fingers gently on the top of your head. Breathe deeply and evenly. You’ll feel a stirring as you build the flow of energy into your body.”

The effect was small at first but rose as swirls of energy flowed into Chantia. Celeste continued to talk softly, and Chantia could hear the same music she had gone to sleep by the night before. Celeste’s words were all encompassing, comforting, but seemed to be coming from far away.

“This is our time,” Celeste declared. “The energy of the sun is emerging. Open your eyes and see this day and all it will be.”

The day was dazzlingly beautiful as the sun burst from the horizon. Celeste took Chantia’s hand and led her toward the gentle surf. They shed their clothes and together entered the sea.

“Trust now, Chantia,” Celeste said in soothing tones. “As we enter our mother sea, take a breath and it will be yours.” They slipped below the surface and Chantia began to breathe.

Chantia felt a tingle in her legs and turned to see a fish tail blossoming from them. Lacy webs formed between her fingers as they swam out through the glowing water. At times Chantia heard chirps from far away, which she could interpret as a welcome. Intuitively she heard Celeste say, “You are home.” 

At length they reached an abyss at the edge of the continental shelf. She looked at Celeste inquiringly. Celeste pointed down to a rock slide. As they approached it, the rocks began to glow. Celeste stopped Chantia and intuitively conveyed, “There is a time warp that protects the city. We have to wait for it to admit us.” Shortly the glorious city of Hellenia began to emerge, radiant in soft, organic, and fluorescent colors.

Chantia perceived an unanticipated world unfolding before her. The adventure of the underwater city was beyond anything she thought would ever happen to her. 

And there was the beauty of the waters. She had assumed they would be dense or misty at best. Instead there was the wonder of crystal clarity with shafts of shimmering light highlighting mermaids accompanying them with children swooping around their elders in a kind of celebratory entourage. It was a living dream. She reminded herself these were “her people”.

The gardens were also unexpected. She had assumed the surroundings would be a fairly uninteresting landscape. Instead there were stately groves of kelp and plants dressed with multicolored blossoms in forms which beckoned fantasies. She had never even seen pictures of such colorful plants. They were bewitching. The experience was enhanced by the presence of a wide array of lively fish dressed in the colors of the rainbow.

At last Celeste pointed to an elaborate double doorway fronting on a rock shelf on the side of the city. They swam forward and burst from the sea into an air pocket near the doorway. The sea was lapping gently at the edge of a platform. 

Chantia was now engaged by the wonder of a city in the sea! She could only speculate about what might lie ahead and deep inside she felt she dared not ask why she was being drawn into this world.

They pulled themselves up onto the platform and began to breath the air again. Their tails and webbing withdrew back into their bodies.. When they rose they donned two white cloaks that had been laid out for them. To Chantia they looked familiar. Then came a memory of a dream in Ireland, seemingly from another lifetime. Women walking as if in prayer, dressed in white cloaks, inviting her to join them. The door onto the platform opened and a woman of profound intensity stepped forward. Black hair glowed, conveying her intense energy. Deep dark eyes probed but were not invasive. She pressed her hands together and bowed gently in greeting.

“I’m Cleodora, priestess of the Hellenia Tethys. Welcome Chantia…at last. And Celeste, our gratitude is profound.”

They walked inside to a corridor lined with the white cloaked people of Hellenia. The silence was worshipful, their faces glowed with smiles and tears. Chantia could feel their joy even as she bowed in humility and wonder. 

Chantia grasped Celeste’s arm and whispered, “I’m overwhelmed. This can’t be for me.”

Celeste patted her hand in reassurance and drew her closer. 

They walked slowly between rows of welcoming people, through the arched marble and coral hallways. Chantia was enchanted by the magnificent structure. To the side she could see caves with shelves crowded with rolls of parchment and books. She hoped someday to examine what they held. As they entered a great hall overlooking the gardens of the city lit by the glowing sea, Cleodora turned to Chantia. 

“Celeste sent me word that she was bringing the Discoverer to us. As an Illuminata she conveyed that this is the indication that our mission in behalf of the stewardship of our planet and the ensuring of our mission for the future of humankind is coming to fruition. You can see the joy of our people for your arrival.”

Chantia rallied herself, drawing in a large breath. “Thank you for your welcome.” She hesitated for a moment. “You say a dawning mission. Do you know what it is?”

“Your coming signals we are entering the final days. Beyond that we can’t know,” Cleodora said.

The words “final days” left Chantia with a sense of fear.

Celeste continued, “Gaia sent me a prophesy regarding your arrival and confirmed that I was to lead you here. All we can know is that Gaia is guiding the opening of our mission.”

“Gaia has conveyed a clear understanding that the fulfillment of our mission is on the horizon, whatever form it takes,” Cleodora said. “And I must add we thank you for your commitment. We understand the burden it represents.”

Chantia wondered what Cleodora knew but nodded and accepted the recognition. The lack of clarity about what it all meant left her with many questions.

 They talked for a time and finally Celeste signaled it was time to leave. When they rose, Cleodora drew Chantia into a warm embrace.

As they swam away, Chantia looked back toward the city. She felt Hellenia was a home now. Yet, ill-defined fears and reservations remained. 

It was sunset when they arrived back at the cove and lay at the water’s edge. Chantia watched as her tail slowly folded back into her legs and the webbing faded from her fingers. As exhausted as she was, she accepted joy and expectation.

Celeste said “The sea is now your world and refuge anytime you choose. Gaia prepared the way. Our people delighted in your arrival.” 

Chantia smiled. “The unfolding has been glorious. Thank you.” She hesitated. “Could I have some time alone, please?”

Celeste understood and without a word returned to the villa where they had been staying.

Chantia was now her name for all time. She had expected to have a thousand questions, but had managed to still them. Acceptance of the experience was essential. For now there was no fear or sadness. Just wonder, hope and belief in the wisdom of Gaia.

She lay on the sand enjoying the setting sun. Feeling a sense of presence, she turned to see Beck, the love of her life, had come to kneel beside her. He looked steadily into her rich blue eyes and stroked her lush dark hair. “May I join you?”

Chantia ran her fingers through his short blond hair and wondered if he also had things to reveal to her or was it enough that he had come into her life and could share this moment with her.

She drew him to her on the sand, holding him tight. In measured tones she told him about the joy of her day and her understanding. At last she said, “Beck, I want to share the sea with you. Will you come swim with me?”

Together they swam out next to each other holding hands. Finally Beck turned and looked at Chantia. There was an unspoken question on her face.

He hurled himself backward and dove. Chantia dove after him. She watched as a tail blossomed from his legs as her own unfurled. Her tears were taken as a gift by the sea.

They swam together until she drew him back to the surface.

“Whatever possessed you?” she asked.

“I had to try. For us. I had to take the chance.” 

Together they returned to the beach and waited while their tails withdrew. Then they lay together as darkness came and were greeted by a glorious view of the universe. Chantia felt spirits stirring and heard whispers enigmatically hinting at the future, but she felt no threat. She merely listened and absorbed a sense of a hoped for future.

By the pool at the villa Celeste, too, was looking up at the extraordinary night sky, but for her it was filled with portent. Around her she could feel the rich swirl of the Mysterium and the creativity and passion it could bring. In the background she perceived the deep cascade of a building Maelstrom warning of impending destruction.

At the edge of the darkened grove by the sea stood Gaia. Lovingly she watched over the tranquility and fulfillment of Chantia and Beck as they surveyed the display of the universe that evening. They had earned the discoveries of this day and their place in the mission in behalf of humankind. But she knew their peace was to be short-lived. Gaia too was listening to the growing intensity of the sound of the Maelstrom hinting at the building crises.