Searching For Meaning


There are a variety of ways for us to describe our lives. We each have our own story. Sometimes we aren’t even sure that we are searching for something. Generally a common thread is communicated to us. Get an education, find a job, marry, have children – is common. Of course our lives are far more nuanced than that.

Seeing a Hint

I think my earliest memory is telling. One rainy evening, probably around 1943, I was seated in a window seat looking out through a rain streaked window. There was a soft sparkle of light in the drops streaming down. I remember a soothing quiet. It was just the type of evening in which dreams are born as we grow and begin to explore our personal and larger world. It was a time of wonder.

I probably would not have remembered it except for the fact that there was a loud knock on the door to our apartment. It was the block captain telling my mother that our curtains must be closed. I had pulled back the curtains to sit at the window.

It was World War II and we were to maintain a blackout. New York was not under attack but precautions were essential. There was no anger. Just a statement of essential caution. I was a very young child and could not understand. 

But that evening I was opening my dreams and where I searched for meaning. That search has endured through my life.

What’s The Point?

It is not a matter of an early dream or recollection. It is about us and our personal search. Each of us is different. Some simply march forward. Others demand exploration. Others dream. the stories of our approach to life are almost infinite. We are informed of expectations but we build our own.

My Viewpoint

Certainly I obeyed the prime directives of what we are supposed to expect from life. Yes, I went to school, pursued a career, married and had children. But the components are telling. 

When I went to college I found I wasn’t clear why I was there. What did it really mean to get an education? For what? We begin with basic courses. Only later do we get to choose. Along the way nuclear physics got my attention. What researchers found was unfolding and revealing more than expected. So, at last I had found a direction.

Except an unforgivable math professor who was uncommitted to our education ruined my view forward. The details are unimportant but I chose another field where I could explore. I entered the field of psychology. 

I think I have to say I found clinical psychology truly interesting partly because we really don’t know anything definitive about the human mind. There are theories, dicta, and beliefs. But now, decades later I think the unanswered questions are almost infinite. Does that sound strange?

I accept very little as given and I’ll go into that in more detail later in this blog.

Again! What’s the Point?

I’m redirecting this blog into specifics of diverse kinds. Yes, it is called the Cusp of Reality which is truly how I view where we spend our lives. But there are a number of specifics which have demanded my attention over my life. I’ve gathered them and will do more detailed and sequential sharing.

One of my essential endeavors lately has been to write and developing my Gaia’s Majesty Trilogy. What developed was not expected.

Essential Transformation

The point is not about diversity. Rather I am redirecting the blog somewhat because of my growing concern about the potential for transformation on the horizon. And, with Gaia’s Majesty, I find myself being engaged by transformation. And transformation may be wonderful or it may be terrible. It is my view that our world will be transformed shortly.


Don’t Miss My Developing Gaia’s Majesty Trilogy

I refer to it as a work of magical realism. It is a series with a strong mythological element and a real world setting in this time when women are being empowered at last. It is a time of wonder and awakening for all of humankind.

Gaia’s Majesty-Mission Called: Women in Power – Book 1

(Available now in Kindle and paperback on Amazon.) 

Avery had dedicated her life to work for the future of third world women. Her life was enhanced when she met the man who became the love of her life. They could not know that they shared a destiny and that a mission set long ago by our Earth Goddess was to be revealed before them.

Gaia’s Majesty-Challenge: The Chosen Rise – Book 2

(Available now in Kindle and paperback on Amazon)

These people, called Tethyans, live in cities in the sea but can morph into fully human form and come to land to form families. They join with the warrior women called the Andromeda to fight against the forces working to impair the future of humankind. Avery has found her birth name of Chantia and she and Beck find there is soon to be a child of seeming great import just as the world falls into terrible strife with millions already dead. 


Vision -Searching Truth and the Future



Whether we want it or not we are always confronted with choices. There may be bold steps but there is always the choice to do nothing. The last alternative is not one I relish. 

When it comes to choices it often is a matter of what is presented to us and they may not be ones we want. My preference is to insure that we have options we would like to have. And my personality type inevitably leads me to searching for possibilities. The down side is that we can construct things we don’t need to be choosing and they may not be a good ideas. But in the end I always want to search what might be.

The Obvious and the Not Obvious

Clarity of the present scene of our lives may be a good place to begin to construct vision. The real palate set before us may offer everything we may want but to simply choose from that array leaves us open to the unexpected and what may materialize.

Another alternative for us is to look back and see if there are harbingers or my favorite possibilities which may introduce us to what may be or will be coming. Granted that may lead us to a futile search if we are too insistent or perhaps unwilling to face an insistent reality.

Dreams or Possibilities 

Dreams may be one place we search for the future but in dreams we may construct something which is not attainable or even desirable or may actualize our dreams. Whatever we choose there are a number of ways to use them. As I’ve said, when I began to construct the Gaia’s Majesty Trilogy I thought it was just one book and learned otherwise. I reached back into mythology and melded it with the movement to empower women. The first was an intriguing story told across the world and the other is an intriguing reality occurring across the world.

Not Accepting the Obvious

When we embark on this kind of investigation we cannot always know what we will conclude or find. But, in many ways that is what life is fundamentally like. But as I moved forward in the writing I found I was not completely in charge. Characters were insistent, I discovered some of what I thought were my themes were something other than what I thought they were.

In the End

But in the end, if it ever is ending, I had to conclude that I was scanning possibilities and some of them seemed to suggest what might truly be our future. The reader of course makes their own contribution and the partnership of reader and writer has its own set of possibilities. In the end this is what life is about. It involves struggle and we can’t assume we know where we will be led. What a gift!

Gaia’s Majesty-Mission Called: Women in Power by Roger B. Burt

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Creating Characters and Plots by Roger B. Burt

Stepfamilies: Professionals and Stepcouples in Partnership

Whatever Happened to Community Mental Health by Roger B. Burt

Caribbean Diversity



How about a little break from the American electoral intensity?

In the past I had been posting about the Caribbean. I thought I might now share some experiences and information about some of the islands. It is an amazingly diverse universe. We tend to think of them as just a collection of palm tree covered islands with beaches and numerous large resorts. Not so.


This island is a possession of France and therefore has a large French population. The island itself is gorgeous. In the south it is relatively flat with some hills but as you proceed north you arrive at two large mountains, one of which is an active volcano. The rain forests on them are lovely. In that area is one of my most favorite resorts. At the edge of the rain forest sits a restored plantation house with a large pool area in front. We went off season and it was quiet. One evening we had dinner in the main area all to ourselves. Habitation LaGrange was a treat.

The grocery stores feature French delicacies and a luscious array of wines. There is an array of small and larger French resorts. Since the French treat their colonies as if they are in France proper, the roads are excellent and everything is up to date. Since we were looking for properties to rent for our business we got  acquainted with the Beké who are the descendants of the original planter families. We made some good friends.

Highly recommended. If you speak a little French it is better but not essential. Almost everyone speaks English. But you must say Bonjour! My joke is that if you speak no French, they speak no English. If you speak a little French they speak perfect English.


A little further out in the Atlantic is an island which is a part of the sea floor that got pushed up long ago. Its fairly flat but has truly lovely beaches. It is English speaking with some wealthy English in residence. We found restaurants very much to our liking. There are no mountain vistas but if you want to hang out at the beach it is quite nice. Very comfortable villas and hotels.

St. Martin/Sint Maarten

For a reason I never understood this island is half French and half Dutch which gives it diversity. Again, everyone speaks English and there are really nice small hotels to choose from if you aren’t interested in a large chain’s resort.  With the French influence the dining out was quite nice. It is much favored by Americans.

The Cayman Islands

Very well known by the scuba set. Everything is air conditioned and you can see screens on all windows. That is because sometimes there are a lot of mosquitos —not always. It is generally best to stay in a beachfront resort on the beach because it is a coral island and less well tended beaches have sharp coral in the water. Best to wear booties. The center of the island is scrub and not very attractive. Look out to sea and go scuba diving.

Turks & Caicos Islands

A huge attraction is that they are not far off the Florida coast so they are easy to get to. Not highly developed oddly enough. Nice resorts and villas. The water colors are magnificent and the beaches absolutely lovely. Uncrowded and laid back. Just below the Bahamas. If there have been recent hurricanes check it out carefully to know if things have been repaired.

An Array of Other Islands

The islands listed above are the ones we handled to rent villas but there are many others such as the Netherland Antilles just off the coast of South America, tiny islands like St. Vincent and Dominica. If you like to move around year to year the Caribbean islands offer a glorious display.

Gaia’s Majesty-Mission Called: Women in Power by Roger B. Burt

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Creating Characters and Plots by Roger B. Burt

Stepfamilies: Professionals and Stepcouples in Partnership

Whatever Happened to Community Mental Health by Roger B. Burt

Women in the Gaia’s Majesty Trilogy Pt 2

Chasing Women Warriors

Being Human

There was a huge tug of war going on as I was writing the Gaia’s Majesty Trilogy. Something was stirring inside of me and characters were showing up demanding attention. I also knew that what I was writing had a deep contact with what we call reality but there was a fantasy element as well. After all isn’t that true fundamentally about our lives? If nothing else we have dreams and hope they will transit into reality.

And so the first book opened and over time the fantasy element was to grow. But in some ways I was having a struggle with the women in the books. And so I found myself chasing women warriors. I have to admit there was more than a little naiveté. I had heard of the Amazon women but it was only later that I ran across Adrienne Mayor’s book The Amazons. Then I learned they weren’t fantasies at all, but real courageous women at war and with family all at the same time. The revelations expanded my dedication to supporting the empowerment of women by example with the women in the books.

Came a Problem

At once there was an essential problem. I do like fantasy, but don’t like it if it is too fantastic. In this instance I felt we needed to be close enough to reality to make an important beginning and identification. And so I did something some early readers of Gaia’s Majesty-Mission Called: Women in Power didn’t like. I made them not just strong and resourceful but also their early engagement was as consorts to greedy, power hungry Overlords. But in that place they reflected the reality of some brave and steadfast women who, in our world, take dangerous and seemingly compromising positions in behalf of missions that are essential and to serve their country. And that is what these Andromeda women were doing. And I must add, in this day and age, I did not see them as having been defiled because of what they had committed to do. And I have to admit I had to have darling Luisa enjoying some of it even as she understood her risk. This shows the world as it is. Fantasy sometimes is less fulfilling than reality.

A Matter of Power

And then there is the matter of progression. In fiction there must be progression just as there is in life. As the story grew it became clear that these women were demonstrating what was happening in what we call our real world. Their roles broadened and they took on power and the new risk that came with it. This is the world I feel that is opening before us.

In the cities in the sea we could see women of immense power scanning human history and seeking out both revelation and inspiration. Some of it was what they divined and some of it was inspired by another powerful woman, Gaia. And so fantasy and reality was woven over and over. At base the intention is to inspire by demonstrating alternatives as our world and the power of women changes.


And so in the core themes are seen major elements of what is before us, not pure fantasy. Certainly there are those who will take offense whether they dislike the roles the women may take or whether they resent the idea that women can hold such power. (Get a grip guys!) I’m enjoying writing these books partly because the challenge is considerable but also because I look forward to controversy and the potential for us to examine where we are going and what the possibilities may be. We have entered a new challenging time in human history and it poses opportunities as well as danger. Perhaps this time we can find a new form of challenge and future.

Gaia’s Majesty-Mission Called: Women in Power by Roger B. Burt

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Creating Characters and Plots by Roger B. Burt

Stepfamilies: Professionals and Stepcouples in Partnership

Whatever Happened to Community Mental Health by Roger B. Burt

Magical Tour


Where have you been that enchanted you?


Making a Beginning

In St. Lucia we had found a glorious lot with stunning views and a builder. Now it was time to focus on what to do. We thought to build a modest vacation cottage and found a Canadian builder by the name of Wayne who had come to the island and ended up marrying a St. Lucian woman. He stayed and built a business. For us it was like having an American colleague to plan with. After all Canadians were just like us except they said ”aboot” and “eh”. (No offense Canadian friends.) Wayne suggested we go on a tour to look at various types of homes and to get to know the island. It sounded good to us.

Beyond Belief

When you come to a tropical island like St. Lucia, very often you station yourself in a large resort, maybe take one tour and there is no in depth exposure. Since we had been looking at land we were already beyond simple tourism.

Wayne had just imported a Mercedes sedan from Martinique and we set off. Since St. Lucia had been a British colony, they drove on the wrong side of the road. Wayne was then on the wrong side of the car as he drove. But then a little disorientation helps break people loose from tired perspectives.First we toured houses on the more developed north of the island. He barged in and we looked around. There were many different types of houses.

Into Another World

Then he took us south. The north is lovely, with wonderful beaches, a myriad of restaurants and all manner of resorts. It is much more developed and the capital, Castries, is nearby. But when we went south we went into the lush interior which includes the rain forest and toured the area of the Pitons, They are the two towering mountain remnants of the volcano that once ruled the island.

We passed through banana plantations and the lush quiet of the rain forest. From time to time we passed a man carrying a machete. We had to get used to it because that is their primary tool in agricultural work. They nodded and usually gave us a shy smile. If we were walking, a man might gently come forward and softly ask “May I speak with you, Sir.” At first we thought they probably wanted money, but, in fact, they just wanted to meet these venturesome strangers.

I was utterly enthralled by one lush mountain valley. There were huge boulders on the plain clearly indicating the monumental volcanic explosion millennia ago. At the end was one small house. Wayne took us in to see it for our thinking. There was a woman inside tending a fire. He talked to her briefly. She seemed to accept our presence without comment. On we went through plantations and one mysterious valley after another. The quiet was notable and it never felt threatening which was surprising given that it was a strange new world.


A Brief Stay

Later Wayne took us to Stonefield Estate which was his plantation. The pool had a stunning view of the pitons and it came complete with a parrot. Mac was the plantation manager and when we asked the parrot where he was the bird would crane his neck and scan the area. There were so many endearing features and we were being drawn in deeper.

Upon Return

When we returned to the north of the island we settled down with Wayne to talk construction. We told him we only wanted a starter cottage we might expand later. He nodded and then suggested we might want something a little bigger because we might want to rent it out when we weren’t there. That was intriguing. He suggested three bedrooms, each with their own bath. And then of course to rent it we would need a pool. And how about putting a cottage with a pool in the plans. Just in case—for the future.

Gulp! He said we didn’t have to do it all at once. He could begin and as we found funds he could continue. We were hooked on the island and the developing adventure. We purchased the land, went home and began to send money. This was just the beginning.

Gaia’s Majesty-Mission Called: Women in Power by Roger B. Burt

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Creating Characters and Plots by Roger B. Burt

Stepfamilies: Professionals and Stepcouples in Partnership

Whatever Happened to Community Mental Health by Roger B. Burt