A Life Lesson – An Unsuspected Self



In a previous post I described an experience I had with a painful sinus condition. For fun I had taken a Tai Chi class and one evening I was in terrible sinus pain and had to sit down. Our instructor, Dell, came over and showed how I could use a Jin Shin Jyutsu flow to dissolve the congestion immediately. A few years later I went to her to work on another problem. It wasn’t particularly serious but she noticed that the energy in the left side of my body was considerably less.

I knew immediately what she was talking about. Twenty years before when I had been in a terrible auto accident the pain was so intense that I crawled into the right hand side of my body and stayed there. The decrease in the energy on my left was the result. With her help I was able to move back to the left. I know that sounds strange but the events were real and the experiences were real.

Depth of Experience

Over the years I found her treatment of various things to be very useful. I took a day long course at one point so I could manage more of it myself. What I have seen is remarkable and It is not widely understood by the medical community or the population in general.

It probably does not sound extreme to say that we animals are energy systems. But what I found astounding was that long ago the energy systems of the body and related energy locks had been mapped. It is impossible to describe it in writing but the systems weave their way through the body with effects at various times of the day and in an array of ways. I asked Dell how they had been able to do this mapping and she said she didn’t know. I have to assume it was done in ancient times when we focused our sensibilities in different way, before we were so cognitively focused.

More Recently

Not long ago I began to have joint and muscle pains which had no cause I could identify. I went to Dell and she went exploring. We did not learn why it had come about just then but she said she could see again the energy withdrawal from the time of the auto accident. She went to work over several sessions and restored the balance and distribution I had been losing. It took time but I am again feeling whole in a variety of ways. I have to assume aging had something to do with it.

A Life Lesson

What the study of medicine has brought us has been important, even crucial, but from what I have seen we have lost some old wisdom and if I describe the process I learned in the world of Jin Shin Jyutzu it is typically rejected out of hand.

But beyond the specific health benefits what this has done for me is to open reception of another form of spirituality of a markedly personal kind. Certainly we have religion but it is often based on certain defined texts and often seems to speak to a set of dicta which too often forecloses the personal exploration or, at times, becomes tyrannical. But what I have sighted goes in an entirely different direction and It is hard to describe what it has meant as I look out into the universe. Science has done wonderful things for us but there is a more personal element which hints at things much beyond the limits of what is usual for an animal species. What I have learned has been fed into my writing of the Gaia’s Majesty series.

Multiple Uses

Let me conclude with a mention of a couple of uses I have found. 

Recently I was diagnosed with Afib. It was strongly recommended that I start taking Xarelto. I was absolutely opposed because of my understanding of the risks of unproven big pharma medication. My mother died a terrible death from a condition given to her because of the medication she took. 

I understand Afib can be very dangerous. I started taking the blood thinner Nattokinase which is a thousand year old soy based product originating in Japan. It does thin my blood and costs me $240 per year, not $7100 for Xarelto. My decision was not based on money and I understand there is some risk but the other risk was much larger.  Most of my episodes of Afib come at night and wake me up because the heart problem feels like an anxiety attack. I then respond with a Jin Shin flow which stops the attack within a matter of seconds.

Another issue. At times all of us have episodes of waking up at night and can’t get back to sleep. I have a flow for that. I am finding so much safe utility from the Jin Shin Jyutzu system and I am delighted.


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Are We Kidding Ourselves Pt. 3


The Power of What If

Somewhere on the edge of our reality is a place where we maintain a larger, more flexible context for our lives. Properly managed it enriches our lives and our future. It happens when we explore possibilities. The nice thing about possibilities is that we can seize them or dismiss them. Asking ”what if” is not a commitment but an exploration.

Choosing an Audience

Exploring within our own mind is perilous in one sense because our audience is of one and we may not get good guidance from ourselves. And so we may choose an audience. Certainly you’ve met people who are utterly uninterested in exploring and then there are others who may be so unfocused that they explore eternally and never make a choice.

And so we have to select an audience. That may actually be the fun part. As we test the waters and explore we meet new opportunities. The art is in knowing when to change the subject or move on.

Growing Up

Children love to explore, Well, at least most do. It is important because their future is open and the exploration helps them assess their strengths and weaknesses. Not to mention that they find out what is out there. Up to a point things had to be substantive and then we seek departures.

We see this process on the larger stage. You know about gravity don’t you? It holds you to the earth. End of story. Well not quite. How does it actually do that? You see the balloon tethered to the ground but exactly how are you tethered to the ground. The answer is “by gravity”. That actually explains nothing. I’d really like to see gravity and know how it works. We are looking into it.


I might have pursued the study of nuclear physics except for a terrible math professor. I see the same thing there as with gravity. There is so much we don’t understand. In the end I chose something else which offered “what if”. Psychology actually has a scientific side and the clinical side had the opportunity to explore that I wanted.

The trick in life is to maintain openings we may choose from time to time. Choosing too many openings is perilous but the art is to define our means and places to explore the what if or what might be. It is in that place that we have to “kid ourselves” because only then do we open a larger and often mystical world.

Isn’t that larger world what it is all about. It involves risk and uncertainty which we often deny we are seeking. But this process of “kidding ourselves” has led us to open a technological world, for example, and we can only speculate about where it is going to take us.

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