Transformation/Women Rising




Keeping a Broad Focus

With our twenty-four our news cycle we become obsessed with the story of the moment. Such a focus means we often do not see the big picture. Women’s issues are not to be overlooked even amidst our strife with autocracy. In America there is a struggle for the maintenance of women’s health care. In the Middle East women are struggling against their invisibility while they are being cloaked from sight. The stories are varied across the world but hold a common theme of suppression and resistance.

Which leads us to the necessity to question what is happening in the larger picture. In part, the larger picture is conveyed by Sally Armstrong in her book Uprising: A New Age Is Dawning for Every Mother’s Daughter. I’m a huge fan of this book because it helps us shape and understand the breadth of what is happening.

The Struggle with Change

In our day to day existence we often miss the impact of change even as it settles upon us personally. Today I sit here writing on my computer which did not exist not so long ago. I wanted to confirm the reference to Sally Armstrong’s book and had it within seconds. Looking back I see asymptotic changes in many areas. And I believe such changes are not merely happening in the world of technology. How we deal with them is another matter.

Culture Sweeps Us Along

Leslie White, the distinguished anthropologist, defined culture for us and referred to it as an extrasomatic stream since it flows outside of humankind. It is, indeed, a process and a stream which has a life of its own as it flows in us and around us. Calculus was “invented” by three people at the same time when they were not in contact with each other. The basis for calculus was in the stream.

And now we have a stream process which is impacting the roles of women which means all of us. I would contend that we have a process of incalculable meaning. This is not a battle for just one issue like equality of pay or reproductive rights. This is a monumental movement. After all of human history we are seeing women coming to power and that means true partnership with men.

Choosing the Core

It was precisely because of this groundswell that is becoming an asymptote that I chose women as the moving force in my trilogy of Gaia’s Majesty. Put it how you will, we are seeing something which will almost surely be transformational for humanity and the benefits we are only just now beginning to see. Women are more social, less inclined to put power first and offer a range of creativity among other things. As they rise amongst us it will surely have beneficial effects we can only dimly perceive. But it will involve monumental struggle. The shape of the transformation is yet to come into view.

What form of transformation do you want or expect?

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Seeking Guides




What body of knowledge has been most revealing to you?

Anthropology as Guide

In college someone told me I might find it interesting to take a course from an anthropology professor by the name of Leslie White. Why not? I thought it might be interesting to find out about people across the world and how they were researched. Since it might relate to primitive cultures I thought I could get into mythology, spirit worlds, the paranormal and things primitive and spiritual in many ways. It proved to be a life changing experience.

He was the father of cultural anthropology. Before us stood an elderly man who was dedicated to teaching in addition to organizing his field. Few august professors of his age and distinction took the trouble to try to engage students so young. But his passion was comprehensive and his thinking cutting edge.

His tests were a revelation. They were all true or false questions. At first they seemed trivial. And then the storm struck. You could only answer them if you clearly understood what had been covered. When they were passed back to us we went over them. It was astounding. His logic and relationship to the subject was flawless.

Finding Something Fundamental

From then on considerations of the impact of culture was central to my thinking. He referred to it as the extrasomatic stream because it had a life of its own outside of the individual. The more we examined the concept, the more powerful it became.

Carl Jung had grasped at something similar when he posed the existence of the collective unconscious. It was never accepted, but when Leslie White posed it as extrasomatic, it took on inescapable meaning.

It becomes a little clearer if we think of it in terms of what we are seeing in information technology. We are experiencing the movement of massive easily available data which is shaping our thinking individually and collectively. In the huts of Africa people are charging their cell phones which they use to communicate and do their banking.

This flow of information and communication is affecting regimes and overall we are seeing how it can limit authoritarianism. We each carry within us our culture of origin and how it is being shaped. There is nothing which is not affected by culture. Jung observed that he saw alchemy as indicting that changes were occurring which led to the Enlightenment. The argument is complex, but fundamentally it speaks to the extrasomatic cultural stream.

Then There is the Implication of the Rise of Women

And today we have a new enlightenment in the rise of women. A number of forces are gathering together to create one of the most important shifts in human history. We are seeing a deep and broad reshaping of the meaning and place of women. It is of such depth that it is sweeping through the cultures of the world which probably suggests the impact of information technology. Leslie White shaped my thinking and opened the view to make sense of the swirl of forces in our cultures and it gives us an eye into our personal future and the future of humankind. How could I not bring the rise of women into the Gaia’s Majesty Trilogy.

If you haven’t delved into anthropology there is an illuminating and in depth article available on Wikipedia. It covers its many facets. American anthropology – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Who are your guides and where do you find them?

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